July 2013

It has spent for a week after Upper House election.

The things are moving and changing  so quick.

As the result of it, Abe’s LDP has got the most of sheets in both chambers of the Diet since after the world war 2.

The most of people are seemed to have gave up politic in specially dissolution of DPJ after 3.11 earthquake in 2011.

There a small group of assembly members have conscience.

They  were the side of citizen. but the most of them lost the election.

They against the government’s nuclear energy policy after Tepco nuclear crisis in Fukushima, rise tax, ACTA, TPP and all mess.

Voter turnout was 52.61% three lowest rate after WW2.

LDP’s share of the vote is 34.7% in the total vote.

Almost the half of voter gave  up their right.

But we saw some change.

More ordinal young people have been involving the election and politic.

I saw young candidates like Taro Yamamoto, Yohei Miyake brought completely new experiences for the election.

This movement will be bigger for the next three years.

No.178.Daily.Photo.2013 No.180.Daily.Photo.2013 No.181.Daily.Photo.2013 No.182.Daily.Photo.2013 No.183.Daily.Photo.2013 No.826.Daily.Photo.2013 No.828.Daily.Photo.2013 No.829.Daily.Photo.2013


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