No Rain

It is in the end of August, 2012.
The sun light is still powerful and air is quite dry.
We have not got rain for two weeks.
There are double layer of anticyclones above the islands.
One as usual came from Pacific and the other usually from Tibet.
I guess the Himalayas block some anticyclone or very strong one is still above India and China.
One of particular concern is that famine and drought around the world.
Drought could hit the world rising price of meat and grain in the end of this year.

After 3.11, a number of anti-movements have been rising. Those were most heated up in the beginning of this summer.
In the same time he main stream media focused into Olympic every hour, every day including NHK. It has never finished after ended it.
NHK’s top news in the last night was the high school baseball summer tournament.
And they blow about islands things.
But very the other things such as TPP, ACTA, selection of Atomic Energy Commission and rubble disposal, death of the worker in Fukushima-1 yesterday carry on behind of them without informing the details for people.


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