Before the storm

The big storm will hit Honshu-main island yesterday.

It is going to be stronger as tropical typhoon in summer time.

Now Tokyo is very quiet, no any wind and rain even no sounds of cars outside.

I have seen a little Sakura-Cherry blossoms around my local in this after noon.

Hope all cherry blossoms wont be gone by that.

I visited two exhibition yesterday.

One is Kouta Takeuchi’s show in Setagaya.

He worked as a worker at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in the last summer.

He created drawing, video and installation by his extraordinary experiences of Fukushima Daiichi.

It was the final day of his show yesterday. I got there around 16:00.

Many young people were still there. I saw how people have got interesting his works connecting his experiences and his journalistic work at Tepco’ press conference.

He the new generation artist born in 1982.

I learned many things from his works at his show.

I thought to would like to discuss with him one day.


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