3.11, 2012

We had the first anniversary of 3.11 on the last Sunday.

I thought that the day would be the most memorial day in now days in Japan.

I saw half-masts with black ribbon displayed at many places in Tokyo.

I was thinking how was the events or the life of people after The Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

In case of The Great Kanto Earthquake, 105385 people died on 1st. Sep in 1923.

It is difficult to find someone out who experienced and remember it.

Hopefully A lot of powerful images of 3.11 remind and people know what happened.

In specially negative side of the current society which was exposed after 3.11, should be informed to the next generations.

I was rushing to Hibiya area by bike, because the biggest anti-nuclear protest after 6.11 happened around Hibiya area and the the Diet Building.

I bumped into the first group of march at corner of 100m to Tepco HQ.

The brass band of the first group who wore and covered black their all costumes and  instruments. They played dark sorrow music and expressed their anger to Tepco.

A woman led the march, held a black board which was written white two wards

‘ 3.11 – Eulogy & Anger ’.  Thousands of people followed the black brass band.

The protests were ordinary people and variety of ages , nationality.

They have all different back ground thoughts through the experiences of 3.11.

I could say one common thing they have, is ‘ Anger ’.

Anger for government, politician, bureaucrat, business community and may be oneself.

The back grounds of protests are really different.

I was wondering one old gentleman was bringing a flamed picture of a child.

He might have come from somewhere disaster area in Tohoku.

They walked forward to Ginza area.

And I saw quite many children and parents.

Many shoppers were hanging around Ginza. The march and shoppers symbolized reality and unreality in the current life in Tokyo.

We can not sleep at house which is started fire.

The march was planing to walk to the the Diet Building about 15 min from Ginza, and they sorround that by human chain.

I have never seen it happened in Tokyo.

To be continued.


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