Already 4th March. I cycled to Asakusa to visit Gallery ef and the graduate exhibition of Esperanza shoe institute yesterday.

I have seen a bloom of plum tree near by Skytree. I feel the spring is just around the corner.

Everyday life in Tokyo is seemed to be normal

I saw Aljazeer’s report yesterday, that reported Skytree  has just completed a few days ago and it is the second tallest building in the world. I didn’t know it.

I stopped over at Gallery ef before Esperanza which is off Asakusa area.

I bumped into Abe-san at Gallery ef, who is a regular customer of Gallery ef.

He is same age as my father. I saw him at there quite often.

Abe-san is an intelligent man and he retired as an editor a few years ago.

We talked about the current terrible politic situation in Japan, history, and etc..

He listens much other one’s opinions and never force own opinion to other.

His beloved wife Midori-san past away in November, 2010. He have faced a difficult time since then. He wrote about Midori-san and his experience after her death in his self publishing handmade book. No one can avoid to miss a  loved person.

I feel every time when I saw Abe-san, that important thing could be to have a loved person.

Anyway we have one year aniversary of 3.11 in this weekend.

The new things will be started on 3.11, 2012.


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