The beginning of spring

It is already in the beginning of spring as Japanese calender after 3rd. February.

The temperature in today is  1 or 2 degree higher than these coldest days.

I visited Shoko-san’s retro house in Nishiogi in this afternoon.

I will write the report about it in the next time.

I would like to write about the anti nuclear tent by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HQ in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, which I visited last week.

A couple of small tents for anti nuclear have been set up just next of METI by volunteers since around the last summer.

A number of people from all over the country and over sea visit and meet there.

The interesting thing is the opinion of tent is very clear and peaceful just opposite of METI statements.

But small tents like a tiny village poised on the edge of METI HQ.

The minister Yukio Edano gave request to them to move it away till the end of the last week.

But people of tent totally against it, because the tent is getting more symbolized to express their opinions and important place to meet people to exchange ideas about the nuclear.

I spoke a couple of people at the tent. They make rotation and one or two people stay there over night everyday. The templature get down zero degree before sunset in this season in the central Tokyo. And Sometime right wing people and public security come there to harass them. but they are convinced their action definitely gives pressure to METI.

The demonstrators at the ten is very peaceful, even children come and play around there.

I think that is small and strong occupy action in Japan.

Tent by METI HQ Tokyo

Tent by METI HQ Tokyo



Gift Lab Ebisu

Gift Lab Ebisu







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