Merry Christmas

I love the weather of this season. The sky  is very clear and air is dry everyday over the region by the pacific. but opposite area of the main island is difficult season, dark and snowing everyday.

I had a lecture of silk printing ‘T-shirts kun’ at the company Taiyo-seiki in Kichijoji on the last Monday.

I was searching the printing studio, but the cost to work at studio is quite costly and difficult to work for anytime, anything I want. So I decided to find to print by myself.

And I found that using a T-shirts kun silk screen could be easier at own studio by myself.

In addition I knew T-shirts kun Company, Taiyou Seiki available free basic lecture everyday. I applied the lecture on the last Monday.

I wanted to ask and check many things about their staffs, in specially about the  film and paint, etc..

I cycled to Kichijoji about 30Km far from the east Tokyo. I took about 90 min to get there.

Fortunatly the weather is very fine and dry, I sweat when I turned up there.

The lecture is only myself and the staff of the company Kuboyama-san.

She showed my how to create print and staffs, and equipments. and she answered very kind and easier to my all questions.

If I prepare all the basic equipment of T-shirts kun. It could be 50,000 yen for 300 × 300mm printing size. But I am going to make exposure box with light and printing flames.

so the cost could be less than half.

I am starting it in the week.

Thanks Taiyo Seiki for the good lecture.



T-shirts kun



T-shirts kun

T-shirts kun



Taiyou Seiki

Taiyou Seiki


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