December 2011

My drawing class at Esperanza shoe institute in this year has just done yesterday.

I am feeling that has done so quick and accomplishment.

And I feel how difficult  to teach drawing and tell experiences for the young students.

My young age in 90’s and 2011 is changed a lot. I can not judge which age is better.

But there are more complicated things at the moment.

About domestic news.

The several things have happened about Fukushima Daiichi catastrophe in every week since 3.11.

I could chose two things out about it.

One of them is:

Tepco has leaked 150 litter of 26 billion Bq  radiation contaminated water from the disposing facility in Fukushima Daiichi to the sea. In addition they announced to planing to dump another contaminated water to the sea again.

the other is that Dr. Hayakawa in Gunnma university who is investigating direction of the wind after explosion of Fukushima Daiichi and created the contamination map in the east Japan.

He has got an admonitory warning from his university. The reason about it is that he hurt the farmers in Fukushima. it sounds typical in the current situation in Japan.

I never get any critical feeling when I walk down the street in Tokyo.

It is completely normal. but according to Chelunobuyl issue, people feel safe 1 or 2 year after the disaster. because happened nothing till 4-5 years.

A lunar eclipse is starting in 10 minutes.

NO NUKES  event on 3rd. Dec.

NO NUKES event on 3rd. Dec.

NO NUKES  event on 3rd. Dec.

NO NUKES event on 3rd. Dec.






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