Finally winter is arriving

Feel finally the winter has been arriving in Tokyo today.

The temperature in night time is dropping at the moment.

In day time is beautiful in this season. the sun shine, the sky is clear and the cloud is beautiful.

I went to Shinjuku to confirm the flaming staffs, because I have to sent the commission work to Tokushima soon.

And I dropped at Junkudo book shop and Yamada PC shop.

Shinjuku was quite crowded the shoppers as usual on Sunday.

Christmas is about in one month time, but this year is seemed to be less than every year.

That should be relating with the mind of people have got by 3.11.

I saw pitch dark rainy cloud twords the sky of my local in the east Tokyo after PC shop in evening.

I  heard that was lighnig and bucket rain the east area.

But Shinjuku was OK at all.


We have got the new information.

The citizen group detected Strontium in Tokyo.

They examined three places and three places got Strontium below.

Around Kiyosumishirakawa Station: Strontium: 44Bq / Cesium: 9126Bq

Around Yurakuchou Station: Strontium: 51Bq / Cesium: 20955Bq

Around METI / Ohtemachi: Strontium: 48Bq /48176: 20955Bq

Source from Twitter @stmatthew70

ストロンチウム値の訂正))清澄白河駅 セシウムは19126Bq(ストロンチウム89と90の合算値は44Bq)検出/有楽町駅前周辺─セシウムは20955Bq(ストロンチウム89と90の合算値は51Bq)/経産省前─セシウムは48176Bq(ストロンチウム89と90の合算値48Bq)











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