I participated Midori-san’s the first death anniversary at church in Nippori on the last Sunday. I have got the news about her death when I was having own exhibition at Gallery ef last year. The all of Gallery ef is like Midori-san’s family. I can not forget such a sorrow time at Gallery ef. I just regret that I missed the chance to see Misori-san a month or two month before her death. Izumisan, Gallery ef rang me about Midori-san’s visitiong at ef.

I was just in Asakusa by the chance. but I could not make it.

It is very warm on the last Sunday. I cycled to Nippori by Kototoi-dori through just behind Senso-ji temple. I arrived at the church and got sweat.

I have not seen Midori-san’s husband Abe-san for a several month. He looked quite fine.

He must have had difficult time in this one year.

Time spent so quick. A

year before is just like yesterday.

But the base of life in Japan was completely changed in this year. And we learned a lot the things never be same and we never have any guarantee for anything.

Hope do the best everyday and never hold worthless things.












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