I am very angry about the current situation in Japan.

People in the north east and east Japan have been exposed since the first  fallout in the mid March 2011.

The former Kan administration hid all incredibly important information about fallout after the first explosion of Fukushima Daiichi.

As the result  full of  the east Japan was contaminated by radioactive substances, some area is worse than Chernobyl.

The explosion and meltdown is obviously human error by Tepco and the government.

The most important solution by Kan administration for this catastrophe is ‘cover-up’ .

The secondary is ‘economics-first ’ , that is more important than life and health.

Then the new PM Noda have been taking over these basic policy.

One of worst thing at this time is that difficult to get clean foods and water in the east Japan.

They tolerate to provide contaminated foods all over Japan by higher provisional standards which equally for adults and children.

Unbelievably careless about exposure for children and baby. They take much care own post and patronage than the life of children.

And the almost all of local governments accepted  the rubble from the north east region which suspected contaminated by radioactive.

In case of Tokyo, burn them at all garbage incineration plant in Tokyo then bury around  bay area. So life in Japan is going to be closer to radioactive everywhere.

I am totally against this concept.

Now brand new huge flat for family of politicians and administrators,  is planed to build in Asaka, Saitama prefecture, even hundreds of thousands of  people lost and job in Tohoku region.

And now Noda administration is suggesting strongly raise the tax. Rising the tax is the easiest way to get budget for the government. They do not have concept to destroy useless vested-interest structure, just take money from people in a vulnerable position.

How come to keep silent under these situation.

You want die like stupid to keep closing eyes about these?


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