mid summer

We had 66 times 8.15 in this year 3 days ago.

Japanese Summer holidays-Obon is including the traditional custom that family and ancestor back to their home and family during Obon.

We make small fire for them front of house the beginning and end of Obon to indicate where their house is .

I have not much experienced to have typical Obon holiday.

And another event in mid summer is anniversary of the end of the WW2.

My grand father is died in the sea around Philippines and did not find his body.

Many people feel something special and different in this year after 3.11.

Because many people have not war experience and our life was quite stable before 3.11 since economic boom period.

But our life was completely changed after 3.11. Some of them do not want to accept it.

I feel that we have to change the life style and the way of thinking .

Because we could not back the life before 3.11.

New T-shirts

New T-shirts







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