Typhoon has left around Kanto area.

The templature is unusual chilly in Tokyo today.

The German Meteorological Agency’s radiation simulation indicates  radiation materials are covering over almost all islands from Fukushima to Kyushu up to Korean Peninsula.

I told about it to the friend who has small daughter in Tokushima.

The British scientist Dr. Christopher Busby is visiting in Japan to research the current radiation situation and gives advice for the citizens’ group in Fukushima.

I have watched a couple of his lecture and press conference.

He analyzed much more serious than we are thinking about the current situation.

I think that the western scientists pay highly attention about hot particle.

It is quite difficult to categorize incredible number of each radioactive material, so we tend to think radioactive substance is just one kind.

Dr. Busby reported that he found hot particle in the air filter of a sveral cars in Fukushima and Tokyo. He said this is the evidence that people in Fukushima and Tokyo take it inside of body.





Full moon

Full moon

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