End of the exhibition

My show in Hasu has been jut done in the before yesterday.

I packed all staffs and arrived at my studio at 3 oclock morning and carry all staffs up at my studio on 3rd. floor. I stored all of them and finished around 5 oclock.

Anyway. Radiation issue is getting serious gradually a day by day.

I read the article yesterday that 45% children in Fukushima city may have been exposed.

French scientists  invesigated 10 Fukushima children’s urine, and they detected cesium in 10 of 10 children.

Citizen group of Misato, Saitama prefecture detected the radiation level on soil is much higher same as evacuation zone in Chernobyl.

Detected cesium in Tokyo tap water in the beginning of July since the first detection on the last April, but that is typical no official announcement and news through the mass media about it. I knew it through Twitter two days after.

The things are seemed to be worse by Japanese oneself.

Tadachini Edano

Tadachini Edano

Edogawa viwe twards Chiba

Edogawa viwe twards Chiba


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