Contamination in Tokyo

It was on 15th March that the biggest radiation hit Fukushima, Miyagi, Kanto-region including Tokyo. But definite information and date had been covered up  for nearly two month.

In special Tokyo metropolitan government’s investigation is worse. They place only one dosimeter on top roof of 4-5 floors building in Shinjuku Hyakunin-cho. They announced lower radiation level (even that was rather higher then normal) and no any problem.

Japanese all mass media such NHK and etc.. spread safety dogma through the opinion of parrot scientist for example Toshiichi Yamashita from Nagasaki Univ. and Keiichi Nakagawa from Tokyo Univ.

Tokyo is the exposed city now same level as  Second – Third contamination controlled area of Chernobyl. Unfortunately my area old town in the East part of Tokyo was contaminated more, and we are receiving  higher radiation air dose rate average 0.15 Sv/hr. everyday.

That level is three times higher than before 3.11

power pole

power pole

Hasu Cafe

Hasu Cafe

Hand print T-shirts

Hand print T-shirts

Hand print T-shirts

Hand print T-shirts

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2 Responses to Contamination in Tokyo

  1. great, great t-shirt!
    and I agree with you.
    I am living in Daikanyama, and I feel exactly the same way.

    we can’t fight what never comes to light.
    we can’t judge what we don’t know.
    we can’t see what is secret.

    thank you so much!
    Otsukaresama deshita!

    • hidetoshi0 says:

      Otsukaresama desu.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Our environment was changed after 3.11.
      The worst thing is covering up by human in this situation.
      Hope even only one thing is getting better a day by day.
      Please check right information by twitter or sms instead of Jp. mass media.

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