Rainy Season

It is in the middle of June and rainy season in Japan.

The life in Tokyo is seemed to have been  getting  normal after 3.11.

But Fukushima-1 is getting worse and becoming increasingly clear what happened radiation on 15th March after expropriation of reactor-3. a few thousand more cesium than Chernobyl  was detected around Tokyo. Mass of hi radioactive material spouted by explosion of Reactor-3 on 15th Mar. And at first the mass of hi radiation material spread toward north west, then down to Kato area including Tokyo.

Government knew all about it, but they never have disclosed it in  that time and incredibly many people were exposed. And one mass of high radiation materials like a cloud reached in Kashiwa, Matsudo in Chiba then moved to Bunkyo and Shinjuku area in Tokyo. this is just disclosed by a small group of Japanese scientist recentry.

And massive hi  radioactive substance in sludge at two sludge disposal plants in Ohtaku and Kotoku in Tokyo last week. But  Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara  indicated Tokyo to stand to candidacy of the summer Olympic in 2020, even they don’t know how to sort polluted massive sludge at the moment. What kind of international athletes want to come to Tokyo?

Full moon in June 2011

Full moon in June 2011

Full moon in June 2011

Full moon in June 2011


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