Already June

It has started this year’s rainy season in Kato region.

The hot summer is just around the corner.

Life is just back as quite normal, but unfortunately nuclear disaster is getting worse.

In the other words, the worst things was happend in 15th March and that has been come out a little by little and took for three month.

Nobody believed Tokyo was contaminated a moth ago. The radiation level of contamination was two or three hundreds times higher than Chernobyl in March.

In specially the north east and east part including my local in Tokyo was contaminated highest part in Tokyo. But the local council announce only no problem and radiation level is low.

But they have never checked it themselves in their own local and just refer Tokyo’s official announcement according as monitoring point in Shinjuku. Actually this monitoring point is place at 18m from the ground.

We should recognize our life in Tokyo is same in Fukushima.

night on the bank of the river

night on the bank of the river

Closed barber shop

Closed barber shop


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4 Responses to Already June

  1. Mathias says:

    Dear Hide
    The Wesetern media is already talking about somthing else…. they have a short attention span. and noone here talks about the level of radiation in Tokyo (or anywhere else except Fukushima).
    In a world of Internet, twitter and Youtube, one has never had such poor quality media… What is the point of these new media if it is only to give us updates about celebrities (like they tend to do here…).

    Very upsetting…

    • hidetoshi0 says:

      Thanks Mathias
      Sorry for late to replay.
      It is July already. The western mass medias also have not touched about it much already.
      They may have been faded up or got pressure from nuclear industry.
      It is difficult to recommend you when visit in Tokyo at the moment.

  2. I enjoy reading your posts, and I think you are a strong individual. A strong person. Your writing is direct and honest, and you want to face what is. I have learned (by living in Tokyo the last 2 years, and being here on 3/11) that people are slow to recognize “a paradigm shift,” a moment when things have changed absolutely. People are just slow, and they feel nostalgic for “how things were.” But I am quick to realize that things have changed, utterly. (sorry for the big English word! :- ) Anyway, keep up the great writing! Cheers.

    • hidetoshi0 says:

      Thank you for your comment.
      That is great you are living in Daikanyama for two years.
      I feel that Japanese have spent too much time in superficial safety society in long time without care the world.
      Japanese mass media take a big part of producing this kind of society.
      You may have been feeling uncomfortable in Tokyo since 3.11. Please get right information.
      It is difficult to find better situation at the moment, but society is getting change a day by day.
      I came across a lot of conscientious people, scientists, technicians.
      I will introduce their opinion through SNS. Hope take care yourself and have a great time in Tokyo

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