Early Summer

The word ‘ Meltdown ’ used to reminds me about the lovely summer event at Bank Side in London. The famous artist direct as an direct the event in each year. I used to enjoy very much  free live event at South Walk by street artist from  all around the world. Usually it happens in sunset time. Many people hang around and enjoy walk by Thames in early evening time. and some stay and join Meltdown free event.

Now we are in serious situation by meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Reactor-1 was confirmed officially Meltdown in the last week, and possibly the other 2 and 3 is already melted. But this is already predicted in two month ago by many scientists.

I have never surprised that Tepco confirmed it. It is just too late for all things.

One of problem is not informed much at all how radiation form Japan contaminate in the  earth and fear about it increase more a day by day in the world.

I feel Tepco also does not think about that and just concentrate to sustain own company to avoid criticism.

night cat

night cat

Space Inveder in Akiba

Space Inveder in Akiba


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